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My Films of 2017

Year end lists are tricky because there is a permanence to them that opinions just don’t have. But opinions are all they are. For example,..

My Games of 2017

2017 was a monster year for games. The first half of the year, the Playstation was getting one great title after the other, with Gravity..

Boxing of the Year

Whereas MMA didn’t have a stellar year, Boxing enjoyed its best year in a long, long time. So good that new fans are finding it,..

MMA of the Year

MMA this year was a little light on classics. Don’t get me wrong, there was some damn good fights, some high drama, controversies, shocks, changing..

BABY DRIVER Movie Review

BABY DRIVER Movie Review

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is a muscular Walter Hill movie re-imagined as a romantic jukebox musical.  A modern remix of a classic song, and one of..

Wonder Woman Movie Review

Wonder Woman Movie Review

The recent DC movies have been depressingly bleak. Arduous slogs that mistake darkness for maturity. They’ve felt embarrassed of their own characters, using increasingly labored..