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I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like an age and now it’s finally here, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is out and it is… not what I was expecting.

There is almost no semblance of plot in this thing at all. Though that’s not a problem, as I didn’t expect there to be. What I did expect was a greater sense of who each of the central characters are. I figured each character would get an introduction (above and beyond John C. Reilly simply saying their names) and then, oh I don’t know, they’d get a line or two of dialogue. Instead, Gamora gets to smirk, Drax gets to flex, Rocket gets to spit, and Groot gets to… stand. Star-Lord gets the most attention, as he should do being the audience’s gateway character into this nutso corner of the universe, and Chris Pratt looks like he’s having a lot of fun. But  I thought the trailer would push the disparate personalities of this rag tag group of self proclaimed Guardians onto the audience to really make an impression.

What Marvel has opted to do, instead of focus on plot specifics or character beats, is show us the movie’s tone.

And the more you think about it the more that makes perfect sense. The reason the Marvel movies have yet to suffer any fatigue is because each instalment is wildly different from every other of their offerings. Even the sequels are different beasts to the originals, Iron Man 3 is nothing like Iron Man 1, and The Winter Soldier looks nothing like The First Avenger. Each of the Marvel movies genre hop and have their own unique tone and feel. It’s the fact that each entry is uniquely its own animal that keeps the audiences flocking to the theatres. So of course the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is going to zone in on that. Thor already brought us creatures from other worlds, so Guardians needs to show us it isn’t just more of the same. It’s an 80’s-esque action-comedy space opera with it’s paws firmly planted in weird.

As initially surprised as I was with the direction the trailer took, I couldn’t help but smile ear to ear once Hooked on a feeling kicked in. The film looks like nothing Marvel has done before, which at this point is all it needs to show.



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  1. Dan

    I honestly don’t know what to make of this trailer. Some of the jokes fall flat, but I wonder if the problem is just how badly edited the trailer was.

    The most glaring problem is cutting from the walkman “joke” straight to the big-fast-actionorama that all trailers have at the end. It was a REALLY awkward transition.

    Chris Pratt looks like every inch a movie star, in the plus column.

    Ultimately I have confidence in James Gunn to make this an entertaining and silly movie, based on Super, but this trailer was not well put together, IMO. At all. GOTG could easily turn out to be another Scott Pilgrim – huge geek interest but zero interest from anyone else. And by flubbing the first trailer Marvel really aren’t helping themselves out.

    • El Duderino

      I agree that the Walkman bit was odd. But for me they didn’t totally flub the trailer. I’ll still be first in line when the movie opens, but then that was the case before the trailer. It hasn’t diminished my excitement for the flick, but it hasn’t amped it up either (something I was expecting it to do). It also hasn’t appeased my creeping concern that GOTG will be the first Marvel movie to flop, or at least underperform. I hope that isn’t the case, because that would suck for both Gunn and Pratt, two dudes I wish a lot of success. But yeah, I can’t see this trailer convincing any non believers.

      The next trailer will hopefully step it up.

  2. a slice of fried gold

    Happily, the trailer did nothing to diminish my excitement for this film either, but I didn’t know that Peter Serafinowicz was in it before, so that’s pretty good news, and I’d argue that his line was the funniest part of the trailer. I agree with Dan that Pratt really does look like an action star. I could see him taking the mantle from Robert Downey Jr as the king of action comedy. Or I hope so at least. I could never figure out why Scott Pilgrim didn’t do well, but I’m supposing that Marvel’s marketing might will save this movie from a similar fate. I should have said Disney’s marketing might, but it didn’t have the same ring to it.

  3. Dan

    I assumed the box office failure of Scott Pilgrim was down to Michael Cera being widely hated. I don’t really get that hate – the dude seems to pick his projects really well for starters – but maybe dweeby hipsters aren’t most people’s bag.

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