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Captain America: Trailer 204, and Some Other Marvel Ramblings



Marvel released YET another trailer for Captain America: The Winter Solider today; this one specifically created to be shown in the middle of tonight’s Agents of SHIELD. It goes without saying that this trailer will be the most entertaining minute of the entire hour – by an almost Olympian margin. There’s really no way Agents of SHIELD is going to outdo it – and that’s starting to become a bigger problem than I would have expected.

With Thor: The Dark World we didn’t notice the quality difference between the big and small screen output; The Dark World was agreeable enough and passed the time, but… I don’t know. Both the Thor films blatantly botched the execution in fundamental ways. It’s a pity because the casting has been superb.

Take the first film. It looks like it was shot on two locations:

1. A fake desert town where no one lived.

  2. A green screen which was later “transformed” – by the wonders of late 1980s processing power – into the video game city of Asgard. Where no one lived.

Meanwhile, although the sequel contains an Asgard that looks like it wasn’t coded in an Amiga, it feels like they shot it without a script in place, which apparently is exactly what happened. During the post-production process they were able to create a Thor & Loki’s Lethal Weapon subplot in an attempt to cover up the absence of story or villain. Except you can’t really cover up those things, no matter how charming Hemsworth and Hiddleston undoubtedly are.

Then there’s the so-called villain, who, in case you forgot, was called Malekith The Accursed. And, by the way, Mal, that’s a pretty overblown title for someone without a personality. Go get yourself something that vaguely resembles dimensions and then we’ll discuss whether you’re really “The Accursed”.

Marvel’s idea of creating a TV show in the MCU must have sounded like genius: it was cross pollination of franchises, or something. By virtue of being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a big audience and plenty of hype was guaranteed for their new show; and then, in return, this new and exciting show would add to the awareness of the movies. However it seems to have backfired. When you’re watching Agents of SHIELD and then half-way through suddenly you’re watching a Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer you really can’t help but compare them; and really it only serves to remind you how much of that cool, exploding stuff ISN’T ON AGENTS OF SHIELD.

Agents Coulson, Ward and May walking dramatically and spouting expositional dialogue is inherently less interesting than a helicarrier exploding into a building, and Sam Jackson’s car blowing up with Sam Jackson still inside. And, somehow, the nail biting “Mystery of Skye’s Origin” arc just doesn’t make up for the absence of exploding helicarriers. Who or what exactly is Skye, you ask? You know, other than annoying. Whatever she is: be it alien, superhero, demigod or just plain human she’ll still be annoying, so really, what does it matter?

But you know, they’re trying their best. It’s certainly improved during the last 3-4 episodes.

Anyway, here’s that trailer thing:

We get the hint, Marvel: yes, it looks great. Everything looks amazing. You were right about hiring the Russo’s after all. No need to gloat about it.

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  1. El Duderino

    I’m hoping the Netflix shows will be MUCH better than Agents of Shield (and how could they not be). If a Drew Goddard penned Daredevil isn’t my new favourite show, then someone fucked up big time.

    • a slice of fried gold

      Agents of Shield is the biggest disappointment of the year for me. It’s even worse than Angel season 1, which I’m putting myself through at the moment.

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