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So after liking but not being completely sold on the first trailer, Marvel have released trailer number two. I like it… but I’m not completely sold. And when I say that, I don’t mean that I think the film looks anything other than a rip roaring good time. What I mean is, I can’t see Joe Public getting too excited about this trailer. The first one didn’t really put anything across other than the general tone, so I expected a bit more plot and something from the villain in this trailer. But it is just more tone. It’s light and jovial and got a raccoon rearranging his junk and it’s all good. But for the average cinema goer, what’s the hook here, other than this is a Marvel film? Brand can only go so far.

Of all of the films, this is the one I’m worried that the die hards will love but the masses will avoid like the plague.

But that’s whatever at this stage. So, the trailer, what does it give us? Rocket’s voice. He sounds… like a nasally Bradley Cooper. Which is fine. He looks great. They all do actually. And it shows the giant celestial head floating in space, which in the comics is the Guardian’s base of operations. That also looks great. Some brightly coloured action scenes with lots of stuff exploding. They look fun. And jokes. Some of the jokes get stepped on by the edit, as they did in the first trailer, but you can still see this will be a funny movie.

Overall, yeah, I’m down with it.

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  1. Dan

    I’ve seen the trailer four times now and like it more each time. I’m still unsure if the general public will buy into it due to the silly, knowing tone. I mean, there’s a reason Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 both had super-serious, “epic” trailers, even though both were largely comic, light adventures. Epic scope and emotion sells tickets.

    But if the film is the funniest Marvel film yet, as whispers indicate it might, if Gunn’s action is top notch, and if the tone is perfect – which is the real key – then this could be a big hit with great word of mouth. The script is reportedly the best one yet from Marvel, and it looks great so personally I’ll probably dig it.

    And, hey, even if it flops, as long as it’s really good and they do a Guardians/Hulk crossover sequel next it can still work out long-term.

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