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During the panel for Warner Brothers upcoming Suicide Squad movie at Comic Con some footage was screened. After everyone started leaking the footage online (goddamn camera phones) WB decided that it was in their best interest to release it officially.

So… voila

What do you think?

I think it looks  exactly how you’d expect a David Ayer (writer of Training Day, and the original The Fast and the Furious, director of the pretty great End of Watch and the pretty awful Sabotage) Suicide Squad movie to look like. And that is to say full of big dudes with guns and tattoos.

And speaking of tattoos, yes The Joker looks dumb. But he looks dumb in a way that is in keeping with the rest of the film. This looks like one of those fan film gritty re-imaginings of a children’s property you see on YouTube all the time. Except this fan film had a big enough budget to snatch Will Smith. And a tatted up Jared Leto sporting a chrome grill and luminous neon green hair fits that aesthetic perfectly.

Watching this trailer I get the feeling I shouldn’t like it. It’s more of Warner Brothers grim and gritty style that really didn’t work in Man of Steel, and the hyper sexualised Harley Quinn is a not a take on the character I’m at all fond of. But I can’t lie, I’m digging the footage they’ve shown here.

Ayer has doubled (if not tripled) down on the grim and gritty so much that it has gone full circle and has become cartoonish. And for a flick that features a murderous clown, a man that is part crocodile, and Jai Courtney’s insane facial hair, that is the perfect tone. It is so serious that it’s funny. I like that, and I’m giving Ayer credit here and assuming it is intentional.

As for Harley, much like Joker, this version of her fits the world Ayer is creating. She might not have the depth that the character at her best has (and for all I know she might), but I don’t think depth is the point here. This is a flick that is going for comic book cool. And most of the characters do look hella fun.

Every detail about this looks so odd that I can’t help but love it.

Harley and Joker’s horribly obnoxious car. Killer Croc’s costume being nothing but a hoodie. Captain Boomerang’s facial hair and earring combo. Harley’s cell. The “Firm but fair” written on the girder in the prison. The mention of some of the characters having “abilities” and then not one of these abilities being shown. The fact that Will Smith is one of the biggest stars in the world and yet the trailer doesn’t feel the need to push him to the forefront. Deadshot in full comstume. Kitana in full costume.  It is all working for me.

It looks like it could be a really fun time. It also looks like it could be awful. Which at least makes it interesting.

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