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“Hey look, a website that focuses on film AND television AND comic books AND video games. That is exactly what the internet has been missing. Genius. I almost can’t believe that not a single soul has ever conceived of a such an idea. You’d think that someone would have done something along those lines by now. What a completely inspired, unique, and original idea.”

Well…Shut up. At least it’s not porn.

This is The Whole Brevity Thing, and yes, it’s another site full of articles written by grown men who love Batman and sing the DuckTales theme tune daily. I get it, there are a lot of websites and blogs doing the exact same thing. If the internet was a forest, this website wouldn’t be a unicorn, some wonderful, unique creature, a complete one of a kind. No, this website is just another tree. Surrounded by trees that look almost identical. But we’re always going to need trees, man. And this is mine.

So what you’ll find here are regular reviews on films, both new and old, thoughts on TV, on the weekly comic book releases, on whatever book I’m currently reading. You’ll get film related news, weekly double feature suggestions, lengthy articles about some of my favourite pieces of work, comparisons between a film’s script and the finished product, etcetera, etcetera. You know what this is. What you won’t get are Top Ten Lists or Star Ratings. I don’t really see the merit in such things. So Vertigo is better than Citizen Kane by a whole number? It’s one whole place better? Well, thanks Sight and Sound, but no thanks. Those lists just take a little bit of the shine off everything that isn’t number one. Without the context behind a films placing on a list, the numbers just become meaningless. The same goes for Star Ratings, too many people just skip the review and jump to the stars, but without the review the stars mean nothing. They tell you nothing. They just look good on a poster. So no, no lists or star ratings here.

You also won’t find any podcasts, or video features, or anything that requires technical know how. Because I lack know how. I am know how free. I’m a written word kind of guy. I don’t even know how to upload a picture. Seriously. The closest I could get to uploading a picture for my profile would be to bring up the site and then just sticking a Polaroid to my monitor.

I love film and television. Love it. So much so that I put a lot of years and a silly amount of money into studying it. My main area of interest was screenwriting, and I studied and practiced and I learnt a lot, but it wasn’t paying the bills. So I put it to one side. This website is me refocusing my energies back on to the things I love. It is for me. If people visit the site, and like what they read, then great, join in the conversation, we’ll have a lot to talk about. But if no one reads a word, well, that’s fine. It’s just something I’ve got to do.

Oh, and who am I? I’m just some dude, so I guess that’s what you call me. That or his Dudeness or Duder or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.


P.S – This is not a gimmick persona, I’m not actually the Dude, I’m not writing as The Dude. I mean… I like the Eagles for one thing. I just love The Big Lebowski, and the site needed a name, so I figured, yeah, why not.

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